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Traffic congestion in the city can be significantly decreased by implementation methodology proposed in: Ziny Flikop “Routing Optimization in Packet Switching Communications Networks” European Journal of Operational Research, 1985. Computer program based of this methodology allowed optimization of management traffic flows in gigantic construction companies in the previous Soviet Union.


Proposed methodology can optimize car traffic flows by minimization of total traveled time with consideration of different traffic priorities. It uses assumption that car traffic from different input points to different destinations can be split between alterative routes.


In the initial half-duplex semi-automatic mode, system can dynamically, by using short time traffic statistical information, split and reroute traffic depending on time of the day and day of the week. Rerouting can be done by utilization of predictive algorithms employed for cellular traffic equalization in the Cellular Network Management System used by NYNEX (today Verizon) corporation in 1980-90. Drivers can receive driving information via GPS devices for any desired starting and destination points.


In fully automatic full-duplex mode, system will accept desired starting and destination information from all individual GPS-like devises and provide drivers with up to the minute optimal directions.


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