Ziny Flikop's scientific papers
Traffic Routing Optimization
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This paper is an English translation of the paper presented at a seminar in the Institute of Cybernetics (Kiev). It has been published in Russian in the “Proceedings…” of this seminar in 1971. 


Queuing network model, developed on basis of a methodology proposed in the paper, was used to verify an open-loop control approach described in “Some problems with the design of self-learning open-loop control systems” and “Input set decomposition and open-loop control in telecommunications networks” (see corresponding pages at this web site).


It also was used as a major element in the “High Speed Telecommunication Network Design Tool” developed by NYNEX Science and Technology, Inc together with Brooklyn Polytechnic University. This “Tool…” allows development of the ATM and Frame Relay networks with predefined reliability and optimize their performance. As a result of this cooperation, two students were awarded with Ph.D. degrees.

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